January 26, 2012

Potter Party Planning Part 2: Chocolate Frogs and Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans

One of the more distinctive things most people remember about the Harry Potter movies are the treats associated with different scenes. The Butter Beer, Pumpkin Juice, Treacle Tarts, Pumpkin Pasties, and all of the yummy candies on the trolley on the Hogwarts Express train between London and Hogwarts.
To recreate this for Logan's birthday party, I turned to Google to search for ideas for fun party treats. I knew I wanted to do something creative but easy, and cute and memorable.

First up? Chocolate Frogs!
Remember the first time Harry saw a box of Chocolate Frogs and the thing jumped right out?

I knew this had to be one of the yummy goodies to include for the kids, and here is how I did it!

I first bought a candy mold from Amazon in a frog shape. The mold tray arrived, but I thought for sure it would have included instructions on how to do this! So again, I Googled it!

I found that I could just melt down a huge bag of chocolate chips, spoon it into the mold, refrigerate and PRESTO! Done!

After all the frogs were made (I think I've made about 30 or so, but I've lost count!) I set out to see if I could find a cute packaging idea; boy did I find one at ChicaandJo.com.

On their site, they offer a free printable box and the directions to cut and fold them on your own. It was remarkable easy to do myself and really makes for a cute addition to the Honeydukes candy buffet I have planned! Each frog was individually wrapped and put in it's own box for each of the kids. The rest will be individually wrapped and put out for anyone to eat or take home with them.

The completed Chocolate Frog and Box!

Next up was how to tackle the task of Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans. I remember a few years ago when Jelly Belly came out with a merchandise tie-in for the movies of selling their beans in the flavors, of snot, vomit, earwax, etc.
Yeah, not gonna go there...
Instead I decided to use the Starburst dual flavor jelly beans and package them up in a cute way too. Again, Google to the rescue!

I found the printable down load here and followed the directions to cut and fold provided. These were much more time consuming to do, as each window was hand-cut using an Exacto knife. I had seen the suggestion somewhere of lining the windows with acetate from the inside, but decided that with so many of these (10) it would be easier to just make individually packaged bags of jelly beans and seal them up inside.
Here you can see the process, and my little helper.

For the jelly bean boxes, you will need to cut a square piece of matching card stock to seal the box once the jelly beans are inside. The pointed top of the box was hole punched and tied shut with skinny red ribbon before putting the jelly beans in the box and sealing off the bottom.

Both of these projects were made easier by the use of sharp scissors and the scoring blade on my paper cutter. Just make sure the card stock you are printing these on is heavy enough to NOT be cut by the scoring blade... Trust me... learned that the hard way

More Potter Party Planning to come!

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  1. the frog idea is super cute. New Friends Weekend Blog Hop would love the follow back http://blessedchick-trythis.blogspot.com

    1. The frogs were way easier to do than I expected too. I'm pretty sure I followed you back, but let me know if it didn't work!

  2. Amazing. Awesome. Super. Cute. Waaay too much time on your hands?! I love your ideas!

    1. I wish it was a case of "too much time", but it was more like a lot of late nights! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. that is amazing! i've found some great ideas for harry potter parties for my son and i'm adding this one to the list!
    new follower from blog hop til you drop! look forward to looking at more of your blog.
    the antics of an autism mom

    1. Google was my go-to for alot of it! I'll be posting an update soon with links to all of my resources that I used for planning the party for anyone else to use. Hope you enjoy your party planning!

  4. Thank you soooooo much!
    I'm a brazilian girl, who's about to make my sweet fifteen party( here in Brazil we don't have sweet sixteen parties), and I've decided that I want a Harry Potter party...
    You help me a lot, you do not have idea, how much you helped me right now...
    So, I'm really glad that i have found this site, it's kind of save my day :)
    I wish you the best with your kids, anh once again, thank you for our ideas and for telling me where to find candy mold in a frog shape!


  5. This is a great list of free Harry Potter party ideas! Can I add an idea to it? This is a great resource - It's got Chocolate Frog boxes, Berti-Botts bean boxes, Wizard Signs, Stamps, Wax seals, and Butterbeer labels: http://www.etsy.com/shop/propprintables

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