March 07, 2012

Potter Party Planning Part 3: Wanted Posters and Wands, Oh My!

It’s been a month (yes a WHOLE month!) since Logan’s Harry Potter Birthday party and I finally have lots more to show you all.
Along with the ties, Chocolate Frog boxes, and Bertie’s Every Flavor Beans boxes. I made a TON more stuff to outfit Logan’s party.

Wanted Posters!

I found these thanks to Google and printed them off on kraft colored card stock. See that one off the center? That’s a Logan wanted poster! I did that thanks to Warner Brother’s website! It allows you to upload a photo, enter the person’s name and gender, and then it creates a wanted poster of that person. Don’t think I didn’t download the wallpaper too!

Magic Wands

Unfortunately this is the ONE thing I don’t have pictures of and they were the most labor intensive! I could kick myself! I found several tutorials on line, but ultimately decided to make them out of wooden dowels and sculpy using directions I found in The Unofficial Harry Potter Party Book: From Monster Books to Potions Class!: Crafts, Games, and Treats for the Ultimate Harry Potter Party from Amazon. The kindle edition is now $9.99, but when I downloaded it, it was FREE!

Platform 9 ¾
I made this platform 9 ¾ entrance after finding a great idea here. I decided to use construction paper and paint though instead of wood to keep the party inexpensive, but I think it looks great, don’t you? The printable 9 ¾ sign came from I just printed it, cut it out, and adhered it to the sign. The "brick wall" is just some plastic sheeting I found through Amazon in a brick print.

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