February 07, 2012

You Really CAN Regrow Green Onions!

So, last week on Pinterest (oh, how I both love and loath it!) I saw several people re-pinning this tutorial on How To Regrow Green Onions, and decided to give it a try myself to see if it would really work.

Here is a picture of the five original onion shoots (Is that the correct term? Shoots?) in a canning jar on my kitchen window from day 1, last Tuesday.

Hi, baby onions!
And here is a picture, one week later of the same shoots (I'm still stickin' with shoots here...).

Now why you ask would I even do this.
  1. I know that green onions are cheap to buy. I only paid $0.98 for the original bunch... So that's not the reason.
  2. It's green. Yeah, so are the tops... That's not a reason either.
  3. My five year old is a science/math nut and wants to know how stuff works...

Hey, your roots are showing!


In the end, we turned this into a little science experiment of sorts. We sat together on the first day Googling the heck out of this tutorial.

But yeah, you can do it too. The best part is having a little "farm" in your own kitchen, an never running out if it's right there, right?

Now off to sprout an avocado seed in a baby food jar.

What, don't tell me your mom never did this....


  1. Hello, found you on a blog hop
    Love the blog!
    could you follow me back?

  2. Awesome! I'd forgotten all about this! Thanks for the reminder!


  3. Always good to know as we love onions. Thanks for hopping with us on our last Pin hop. I'm a little late in getting around thanking people as I was in New York last week.
    Thanks again,


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