March 06, 2012

Menu Planning Week #9

Another week, another menu plan! Last week... I really didn't stick to my plan AT ALL! I just wasn't feeling so great, so the plan went out the window. Just a reminder that it's okay of you don't stick to your plan, just make sure you have lots of "easy meal" ideas for when those kinds of days hit, so you don't have to resort to take out or going to restaurants...

... Like we did...

Any-who! Here's this weeks plan, a great pork chop recipe that's great for family dinners or even if you're having company coming to dinner!

There is now a new RECIPE tab at the top of the page where each recipe that is MINE will be added alphabetically, until I can figure out how to link to each one individually. These recipes do not include ones that I have linked through Pinterest, so if you'd like those, feel free to browse the NUMMIES board!

With warmer weather on the horizon, it's time to get out of the Fall and Winter meal mode and into Spring and Summer. Do you rotate your meals "seasonally"?

Linking (once again!) to Menu Plan Monday! Explore and find new meals and menus for your family!

Recipes in this weeks menu plan:

Apple Stuffed Pork Chops
Skillet Lasagna (will need to write this one down, I rarely measure!)
BBQ Chicken
Fish (self explanatory)
Chicken Enchiladas

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