October 03, 2011

Murphy's Law Monday

It's inevitable that no matter how hard you try to make your day run smoothly, something comes along in your path to make you want to crawl back in bed, huddle in the fetal position under your blankets, throw out the rest of your day and just say "screw it."

Today it's been a number of things. From accidentally adding real sugar to my coffee instead of the Splenda I usually use, to the hour and a half long dish-washing fest, it's been a less than stellar day so far.

Incident #1

 - My oldest woke up in a wet bed this morning. Not uncommon for a four year old, I know, but he's been doing so well lately and he was disappointed in himself this morning. It's clouded the rest of his day. Attitude adjustment and patience needed, please!

Incident #2

 - The laundry monster attacks. My laundry room is overflowing with dirty clothes, a basket full of towels, and the bedding from the previously mentioned incident. Halfway through the first load of laundry, I hear a grinding and growling noise rattling through my house. Yep, the washing machine is broken... Hopefully the appliance repair man can get it fixed quickly and inexpensively! I can't fathom hauling two kids AND a room full of dirty laundry to the laundromat.

Incident #3

 - Finally planning on tackling the pile of dishes in my sink (no dishwasher, remember?) I end up slicing my fingers open while trying to unscrew the lid of a broken travel mug. **sigh** After getting the bleeding stopped and my fingers bandaged, I gingerly finished the dishes, finally getting a moment to sit back and take a breather when...

Incident #4

 - **sigh again** The little one decides that today of all days, he's going to shorten his morning nap.

Is it possible that someone could send me a beer/Starbucks IV infusion this morning? I could really use it.

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