October 15, 2011

Moving sucks... just saying

I'm currently in the midst of packing, sorting, trashing and moving from a small house to a much bigger one. Our family has grown in the time we've lived here and in the process, we've outgrown our little two bedroom house.
Unfortunately, the last time we moved was five years ago, before the kids and the cramped quarters. It was easy then, pack as you go through the rooms, discard what you no longer need or want, and move on to the next room. It's much more difficult with two little ones who keep UN-packing everything you just wrapped and stacked!

We thought "hey, this house will be great!" I hate the fact that we settled when we decided to buy this house, thinking that we would only ever be blessed with the one child that was on the way at the time, never thinking there would be another added in the mix later.

I've learned my lessons; never buy a house with "just enough room", never buy a house WITHOUT a dishwasher (!), and never buy a house that's "valued" way more than it should be. Do the research, know what you want in a new home, and buy accordingly. Don't be NAIVE!

It's hard for anyone to cop to their faults, let alone something that has huge life-changing repercussions. But you learn your lessons, plow on through, and try to come out on the other side a little wiser, a little older, and a little happier.

I know I'll be much happier the minute I pull my first load of dishes from that dishwasher!

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