September 01, 2011

Mommy's Little Spiderman

At Christmas time in 2007, we took Logan to see the holiday lights at CALM, a local zoo here in Bakersfield. I remember how freezing cold it was that night, like the snow would start at any minute and just come floating down from the sky. But it rarely ever snows here. 
They have a cute little gift shop near the exit and as we always do, we stopped to look through before leaving. We decided to let Logan pick one thing from the gift shop before we left as a cute souvenir of his first time seeing Christmas lights.

He was instantly drawn to a small display of stuffed animals like the ones they had at the zoo, Snakes, frogs, mountain lions, bears… the display was stuffed. His eyes immediately zoomed to one in particular; a Mexican red-kneed Tarantula. Photobucket
From that point on, Logan and Spider have been inseparable. We’re on Spider 2.0 now. The original was lost about a year later somewhere between our car in the Toys R Us parking lot and the store’s entrance. We just told him that Santa brought Spider new clothes. 

Devious? Perhaps.

But absolutely necessary.

Since then, spider has undergone countless washings, limb reattachments and loss of stuffing, which we dubbed “spider poop” around the house.

Now that he’s almost five, Logan is still as attached to spider as he was the day we brought him home.


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