August 31, 2011

Sometimes It’s Ok To Cry Over Spilled Milk

Have you ever had one of those days when you wish the Magic Mommy Fairy could sweep down, comfort and calm your children, finish laundry, prepare a gourmet meal for your family and just set up a nice coffee and pedicure station for you?
For me that was yesterday afternoon.

After spending 45 minutes of getting a cranky, whiny, teething Caleb calm enough to fall asleep for nap time, down the street comes a ghetto-fabulous, bass-bumping, pavement-scraping, the-pictures-are-dancing-on-my-walls car down the street. Normally this would never wake Caleb up; I’m fortunate that both of my boys are pretty hard sleepers.

There went my nap time plans of finishing laundry, starting dinner and cleaning out my expired coupons!

After finally getting him calmed down after his screaming fit (because really, who likes being woken up when you’ve JUST gotten to sleep, right) I set him on the floor to play cars with big brother Logan.

Finally I could get at least one task done while the boys were playing nicely together. I finally had all of my new coupons cut and ready to be sorted and my expired ones cleaned out and in the little trashcan next to me. I put my binder away and go back to retrieve the trash can.

I should have brought it with me when I left the room…

When I returned back to the living room, Caleb was sitting in the middle of Coupon Mountain, eating his way through about five dollars’ worth of expired cereal coupons.


Deciding that the boys needed some winding down time in the pool last night, I decided to keep dinner simple: hot dogs, macaroni and cheese and green beans. Easy-peasy. 

All I need to do add the milk to the mac and cheese, and give it a stir. Just as I’m stepping from my stove to the fridge to put the milk back, while at the same time screwing the lid back on, here comes Captain Destructo, quiet as a mouse, right in my path and I trip, dropping the milk and spilling about a half-gallon worth across the floor.

After the way the afternoon had been progressing, you’d think I’d know better by now.

By that point I’d had it. All I wanted to do was lock myself away from the kids and curl up in the fetal position and cry. But a Super Mom can’t do that.

Hopefully today is better.

**On a side note, I just want to wish my friend Courtney’s son a Happy 10th Birthday!


  1. Found you through MBC!

    I have cried over lots of things. I wish someone taught me how resilient you have to be as a mom!

    Anyway, 3 kids later, lots of spilled milk/food etc., I'm still alive!

  2. Thanks, Suzanne. I'm learning very quickly to just take each day one at a time!


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