October 08, 2013

A Fish Tail (part deux)

Last week I told you all about how we acquired a few new pets and all of the trouble that goes with having them.


I am sad to announce that Fire Flame 2 has died.


While Choo Choo Train was chugging along, it seemed that Fire Flame 2 was a survivor as well. We kept the tank clean, fed them normally (no more fishies going KA-BOOOOM!) and even "played" with them a bit.

Did you know that goldfish like to play follow the leader? They'll follow your finger if you trace it over the side of their tank!

Anyhooooo -

I took Logan to school last Friday and when I got home, I realized that the boys had forgotten to feed their fish that morning. I fed them the usual amount and both Choo Choo Train and Fire Flame 2 were ready to eat! About a half hour later, Fire Flame 2 was floating in an... awkward position in his tank.

And trust me, this time I made sure that he was dead before his "Burial at Sea."

Logan decided the next time he gets a new fish (this Friday?) he wants a Beta.

Hopefully this one will be hardier than these silly little feeder goldfish we've been getting!

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