July 26, 2013

Why Legoland Could be Better Than Disneyland


I'm not gonna lie. I LOVE Disneyland! I love the rides, the characters, the corn dogs! But we recently returned from a trip to Legoland, and let me tell you, Legoland beats Disneyland in several ways.

#1 The majority of the rides at Legoland are more accessible for little kids. Having kids under the age of four is a hard thing to deal with when you want to enjoy rides with the whole family, and with the exception of a few, most rides are perfectly acceptable for the smallest of kids. Of all the rides we enjoyed, there were only one or two that our almost three year old couldn't ride. Plus they're scattered around the park, as opposed to being concentrated in one area.

Another great thing that Legoland has that Disneyland doesn't are the activity areas in the longest wait lines. Each line on these rides has a central Lego play area packed full of Legos, Duplos, tables, benches and race tracks that keep your kids occupied until it's time to ride. (Parents are welcome to play, too!) Another bonus? The boys asked for less snacks while waiting in line because they were kept busy and not bored.

#2 The whole park is full of Lego characters that your kids will instantly recognize if they're huge Lego fanatics. From the simple yellow mini-figure Lego man and Cop to Darth Vader, There are plenty of mama-razzi photo ops around the park.

#3 You are not going to find your typical theme-park food here. Legoland seems to have a much more healthier bent on their food choices, so you can easily find fruit cups, sandwiches, and grilled meat dishes more readily. We started out our morning in the park with a couple of fruit cups split between the four of us. Fresh strawberries and watermelon anyone? And here's a secret: after 5:00 PM children's meals are free at select eateries in the park. That's right! A typical kids meal in the park costs around $8.25, but dinner for the kiddos is free. EXCELLENT!

#4 Occasionally you'll find when traveling through a theme-park with kids, they start to get restless and cranky. Legoland has solved this issue with it's GIANT centrally located play structure. It's three stories of rope ladders, stairs, slides, tubes and midget heathens running their little butts off. We stopped here twice and both the of our boys said that it was their favorite part of the park!

#5 Probably the most important part of spending time in a theme park is locating easily accessible bathrooms. Again, I think Legoland has done a great job in making sure they are highly visible and CLEAN. I swear that at no time I used a bathroom was there any mess in toilets, no toilet paper strewn across the floor, or messy diaper change areas. Not even an overflowing trash can could be found. Also, the restrooms smelled nice, a plus on a hot summer day in a full park.

Despite my love for Disneyland (and I love it A LOT!) This turned out to be a great choice for us. It's obviously more boy friendly (princesses are few and far between!) as well. Give it a chance and I bet you'll want to go back like we do!

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