May 16, 2012

Sicky Sicky World

I hope everyone had a fantastic Mother's Day Weekend! Our family (well, me...) had a great day. Started out with Caramel Machiatto's (extra caramel for me!) and finished with grilled steaks and a power outage! I got a kick out of watching Logan with helping daddy wash the cars for the first time, and he did a great job. Hubs and the boys gave me a Kindle (so excited!) so I don't have to strain to read on my iPhone anymore; what a blessing that's been!

And after that great day, wouldn't you know it that Mother Nature would strike me down and leave me completely incapacitated Monday morning. A serious case of the ickies and two days later I'm still not back 100%! Once again the laundry is piling up, but hopefully I'll finally be back to my usual stuff and get right on it tomorrow. It really stinks how much one day of sickness can drain you for days afterward. I can barely pick up the little one, let alone deal with the laundry!

Needless to say, no meal plan this week. I'll just be flying by the seat of my pants, digging through the pantry and the freezer to make some easy quick dinners for the family. Thank goodness for stockpiling and grocery store deals!

Regardless of the fact that I'm feeling weak as a kitten the last few days, it's been an okay time. Luckily the boys have been content to watch movies with me while I'm popping Advil and downing 7-Up and peppermints to settle my stomach and fix my aches and pains.

And FYI: my Hubs is simply the best ever! Not only did he take Monday off to take care of me and the boys, but the house was well picked up too; probably better than what I accomplish! He took both boys with him to the stores to get me things to keep me comfortable and accomplished it without a major meltdown! Lucky Man!

Muchos smooches for taking such good care of all of us; Love you bunches!

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