April 06, 2012

5 Ways To Get Your Kids To Eat Healthy!

Getting your kids to eat their vegetables seems to be a parental rite of passage. Every parent goes through the trials and tribulations of getting their child to eat that tiny pile of peas, those strange looking Brussels sprouts, or sometimes even those yummy maple-glazed carrot coins.
So today, I'm going to share with you "5 Ways" to get your kids to eat healthy, and hopefully these ideas can get your child to enjoy more healthy choices when it comes to meals. Ready?

Grow It!

Here's an easy way to get more fruits and veggies into your kids; grow them! A square foot garden is an easy economical and space-saving way for you to monitor what is going into your family's diet.

A creative way to get your children more involved; plant a pizza garden! Planting the ingredients for their favorite meal teaches your kids more about science, math, and nutrition.

Make It!

After harvesting all of those goodies from your square foot garden or pizza garden, put the kids to work in the kitchen and let them make their own meals! These kitchen gadgets are sized just right for little hands and make cooking together as a family more fun!

While you're cooking in the kitchen with your kids, make them the chef for the night. I love this little chef's coat; it's perfect for keeping spills off of your kids clothing and makes them feel more "official" in the kitchen!

Eat It!

You've harvested and cooked all those yummy fruits and veggies, now it's time to enjoy them! Many times presenting foods in new, different ways can make the difference between your kids cleaning your plate, or shoveling the food into their laps or on the floor for the dog to finish off.

What secrets do you use to get your family to eat more healthy?

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