February 23, 2012

Need New Lunch Ideas For You Or Your Kids? Go Bento!

Before leaving the working world, I was a frequent lunch-bringer. There weren’t very many “healthy” meal alternatives within a quick driving distance to my work, unless you wanted to go sit down at a restaurant, but those mostly catered to the truck drivers and industrial workers in the area.

Several years ago I stumbled across The Laptop Lunch System created by Tammy Pelstring and Amy Hemmert, the founders of Obentec.

They originally intended for their lunchbox system to become a more economical and eco-friendly lunchbox, but many parents started seeing the value as a weight loss tool for themselves as well.

Each Laptop Lunch System came with an outer shell, 5 inner containers (3 with lids) and a set of stainless steel flatware for each box. I ended up ordering one of these for myself and bought the insulated carrying bag and matching drink bottle too along with an extra set of inner containers.

I love the fact that it helped me watch what I was eating by only allowing just enough room for lunch my items, with no extra waste from packaging materials. The really great part about it is that the containers help you keep with the new USDA nutrition guidelines at ChooseMyPlate.org.

I think we'll be buying another one for Logan for when he starts school!

Don’t think you can get creative with bento? Take a look at some of these amazing lunch ideas!

**I was not compensated in any way for this review, nor did I receive any products from the company mentioned.. All opinions are my own and that of my family.**

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