October 12, 2012

What makes my morning with my latte better!

As many mommies do these days, we have many places we go to look for helpful advice, something to commiserate about, or just something to help start our day off with a smile.

One of my favorite blogs to check out is the One Bored Mommy blog, run by friend of mine from high school. I always check in every day (and sometimes several times a day!) for a daily dose of inspiration, a funny story about her family, or just to see the newest reviews she has going.

For an extra dose of humor, and as a way of reassuring myself that I'm not crazy (and neither is she!) is That Blond Mom. With a real flair for writing and a stinging wit, I always know exactly where to go for a great laugh.

Thanks to The Breakfast Project and themotherhood.com I have a great new mug to drink my morning coffee with while enjoying my morning reads!

I received this little (actually it's quite big!) gift in the mail and you can win a Latte@Home package too! Also if you visit TheBreakfastProject.com, enter the Latte Love Sweepstakes for a chance to a Latte Lovers Essentials kit or the latest Keurig brewing system to make your mornings even better!

Enter my Latte@Home giveaway below! Good luck!

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