September 05, 2012

That Moment When... realize you're babies are all grown up.

It's time for this momma to realize that there are no more babies in her house. Logan is officially a Kindergartner. He has no problems being away from me at all; in fact, he can't wait for me to drop him off at school and leave. Every morning though, he still asks for me to walk him to the Kindergartner's playground, so that still makes me feel needed.

Until he wipes off my kisses and shrugs out of hugs.

Caleb just turned two this past weekend. He's officially a toddler now. This makes me sad because it signifies that I am not a mother of a little boy and a baby, but I now have two little boys that are growing rapidly.

And things are changing quickly around the house too. Caleb is sad every time we leave Logan at school, so much that some days he's inconsolable until after lunch. I guess a good meal cures everything, right?

Trying to establish a new routine around Caleb has certainly been a challenge. He refuses to take his naps when he usually does, so this puts a damper on things. We're trying to find our way together at home, just the two of us.

Until it's his turn to start Kindergarten.


  1. Our daughter was said with her brother first started k a month ago. But now they get along so much better when they are together - they have always been bff but sometimes no independent time got them.



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