May 31, 2012

Is It Too Late To Apologize?

So the last three or so weeks have been seriously crappy around here; not that the family is in any way responsible for it, but DAMN I want to feel better already!

Remember how I said I got seriously sick after Mother's Day? Well it wasn't flu or food poisoning like I thought, it was the beginnings of a gallbladder attack! I used to have frequent bouts of extreme pressure and numbness in the same area when I was pregnant with both of the boys; after ultrasounds and tests to check it out out, the doctors always said it was more likely due to the babies' big heads smooshing my organs all around. Apparently, that was not the case AT ALL!

So now after a couple of weeks, something is getting done. Last week I woke up at 3:30 one morning in intense burning piercing pain! The boys and Hubs took me to urgent care where the doctor there did a quick exam of the area, and after pushing and pressing and sending me into fits of tears, decided to send me a couple buildings down for an ultrasound and guess what?

No, no baby! LOL

But there were a few gallstones to be seen and man are they huge! So off to the surgeon I went yesterday to get get ANOTHER exam (this time, this doctor was much more gentle!) and we got a surgery date set up for next Thursday.

So, do you accept my apology for not doing ANY posting the last few weeks? I promise things will get back to normal soon enough, just thanks for bearing with me!


  1. Yikes! Hope you're back up to speed soon!


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