April 24, 2012

Reading Frustration

It's so frustrating most days trying to get Logan ready to start Kindergarten this Fall. I'm sure I'm stressing myself out over nothing, which in turn stresses him out and causes more frustration. Some days it's just that I'm at my wits end...

He has no desire to read; could really care less. I don't understand this AT ALL! I've always been such a voracious reader, devouring books at a rate that would cause a skinny girl to come down with diabetes if it was ice cream!

Even when he was little, he would refuse to sit still long enough to get through a story, even a short five-page board book. He knows his alphabet, knows the sounds of each letter, and even knows how to sound it out for the most part. It's just getting him interested that we're really having issues with I think.

If it's math, figuring out how things work, or drawing funny pictures, he's right on it.

He loves jokes; maybe getting him a few kids joke books would help.

How do you get your kids more interested in reading?

1 comment:

  1. Does he see you reading? I was once reading a book that was so ridiculously funny (no doubt something from David Sedaris) and when my kids saw me cracking up they wanted in on the action. It was totally by mistake but it might work for you too. I told them some books are super funny and so we went out and got funny books at the library and they were hooked for weeks!!


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