March 27, 2012

Take a Xanax Before Kindergarten Registration...

If you're like me and getting your child registered for the 2012-2013 Kindergarten school year, be prepared!

I seriously wish someone had told me about the MOUNTAINS of paperwork involved; the pile they handed me to fill out was the size of Mount Everest! At least 15 different pages of information needed to be completed both pencil (yes, #2) and blue ink (very specific!) along with providing the school a copy of a birth certificate, immunization records, medical records, dental assessment records, proof of residency, and a DNA test.

I'm just kidding about that last part. I hope.

On top of all that paperwork, parents are NOT allowed to take it home and fill it out at their leisure between naps, errands, house cleaning, snacks... I think you get the drift. You had to stay put and fill it out.

Why they didn't tell me this on the phone when I called for information Monday morning, I have no clue. Be prepared my fellow parents for a 2-hour fill in the blank session combined with waiting in line, waiting for someone to go over the paperwork, waiting for someone to tell you if something is missing, waiting for someone to give you YOUR documents back instead of the other three families birth certificates.

Make sure you bring your patience, ALL documents (because do you really want to go through all of this again?), snacks and activities for the kiddos if you're one of us unfortunate ones who have to take the whole brigade with you.

Oh, thank you to the mom who brought the iPad to entertain all of the kiddos in the office; you're smarts are what make YOU a Super Mom!

Because, once again, all I had was Angry Birds.

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  1. Wow, sounds like a huge mess! LOL. You'd think kindergarten signups would be kid friendly!
    Thank you so much for adding me everywhere, I appreciate it :) Once I have my VIP's you'l be sent an email reminding you :) My giveaway with Zax Canada is coming up soon, too


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