March 14, 2012

How would you handle this?

It's no secret to friends and family that both Hubs and I are smokers. We only smoke outside and always try to do it where doors and windows are closed so the smoke and smell don't permeate the house. A nasty habit I know, but one that's extremely difficult to quit.

Last night, Hubs took both of the boys to the park so I could have a bit of a "mommy break". With the weather here in Bakersfield lately, we've been fortunate to be able to keep doors and windows open during the day and into the evenings. Last night while I was cleaning up the kitchen and the boys were at the park, I heard voices and little feet outside on our front porch.

There were three little girls and a little boy milling around outside and when I asked them if they needed any help, the oldest girl told me they were looking for their lost dog. I asked what the dog looked like and what it's name was. Then one of the other girls piped up with a different description of the dog.


I then noticed how the oldest girl had her body turned away from me, as if she was trying to hide something; I figured she'd been picking geraniums from the plants along the walkway. Really not that big of a deal to me.

No geraniums, but she did have a brick in her hand. I asked her why she had a brick and she told me "no reason." That's when I noticed what else she was hiding.

Cigarette butts.

From my ashtray...


I made her hand them over immediately and told her that she needed to go home, wash her hands, and make sure I never caught her doing it again. I then explained that her mommy and daddy would NOT be happy if I escorted her home and explained what she had done.

Should I feel guilty for being a smoker? Should I have just taken her straight home to her parents so SHE could explain what she had done?

I shouldn't have to change my habits (bad as they are) because of this, but it really makes me reconsider where we smoke.

What would you do?

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