March 15, 2012

5 Easy Ways To Make Travelling With Kids More Tolerable

I don't know what it's like in your neck of the woods, but this SoCal weather we're having is GORGEOUS right now! Warm days with breezes and cool nights to snuggle with the little ones. That means Spring is here, but Summer is coming soon and so is Vacation Travelling Season!

With the economy being what it is right now, I'm sure most families are opting to travel by car to places closer to home rather than shelling out big $$$ for the family vacation of a lifetime. We're fortunate that all the great stuff to see in California is within a few hour's drive of us.

"Are we there yet?"

Ugh, not a phrase ANY parent wants to hear, especially over and over and OVER again!

So I've been browsing through Pinterest again, looking for great portable ways to keep both of my boys (and maybe your kids too!) entertained and happy during travel and wanted to share them with you!

Whether you use this one, find another free printable on the Internet, or make a list of your own, this is probably the #1 key to your family's happiness when travelling. Can't forget that favorite Spider if it's on the list!

Every family needs to have quick access to some kind of an emergency kit in the car. Keep this on the floorboard of the passenger seat or within easy reach during car trips so you don't have to unpack the whole trunk for a bandage or hand sanitizer. An easy up-cycle of something you'd probably throw away! Here's a quick tip: glue pieces of no-slip drawer/shelf liner to the bottom to keep it from sliding around!

I loved this idea the when I saw it! Another great trash-to-treasure find that we all have plenty of floating around in our diaper bags! This, a coloring/activity book or two and a lapdesk can keep the kids entertained for hours (or at least a few minutes!)

Personalized snack box? Yes, please! The key is to fill them up before the trip and make sure the kids know that once it's empty, that's it. My personal preference would be to fill it with Goldfish crackers, pretzels, nuts, raisins, dried fruit and maybe a couple of sweet treats. Make sure the snacks are age appropriate!

This baby has been the savior of boredom around here since we got it for Logan. He practices his writing, reading, and loves taking care of his virtual pet! Don't forget the batteries for this; if you have an adapter for your car, even better!

Hope these will be handy for you; I can't wait to test them out myself this summer!

Happy Travels!

(PS If all else fails, just hand over the iPhone and let 'em play Angry Birds; works every time!)


  1. i'm here to pay you a visit :) visiting everyone linked in finding new friends hop:) Have a great day ahead!

  2. Great post! I pack a lot for my son too when we go out of town and never forget one or two gadgets to play with so he doesn't get bored during the long trip.

    Hopped here from Finding New Friends :D

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I just finished a car trip solo with my daughter. I hadn't done that in a long time. Now that she has an Itouch, she has ebooks, videos and movies stored on it so that keeps her entertained. She uses earplugs so I can listen to music on the radio. That has made things a lot easier for us.

    I do keep paper towels, wet wipes and a first aid kit in the car. I think those are must haves for any mother. This is a good reminder post to folks that they need to plan ahead for car trips with kids or they will pay for it with a lot of extra stress.

    Btw, found you via Blog Hop til you drop. My sister and I share a blog and now we are your newest followers on GFC.

    Eldarose from

  4. Hello from the friend hop. Love the ideas. I always keep the car stocked with supplies and goodies for the kids. You'd be surprised how often these things come in handy.

  5. Great tips! Love the crayon box but not for Southern AZ in the summer! New follower thru BHE! To follow me, here's my link :)

  6. Gotta love Pinterest - something for everyone! Those are some excellent ideas to make travelling with kids more bearable and even...dare I say it...FUN!!!

    Found you from the Bloggy Mom's blog hop by the way.

    Have a great weekend!

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  8. great ideas! we have a leappad a love it as well - tho is does like to eat batteries!!! have to get a charger for it for those trips :)
    thanks for stopping by mom-ology and the tips for my home management binder! following back!

  9. Fantastic post! Look forward to following you & would love for you to follow me back at

  10. Travelling with kids can be very challenging indeed, but this post is helpful for parents to bring along some portable snack bags. It can keep their little tummies full during the long drive.


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