February 28, 2012

“Stinky Boys! Starring Kennedy” by Children’s Author Demika Caldwell Review + GIVEAWAY

It’s Olympic Day at Kennedy’s school and her neighbor Jacob wants her to be his partner. There’s one problem, Kennedy doesn’t play with boys at school.

I was fortunate enough to receive a copy of “Stinky Boys! Starring Kennedy” for review. Right off the bat, I knew this was a great story to read to my boys, since they are the ultimate stinky boys!

In this sequel to her first book, “Manners Stink! Starring Kennedy,” author Demika Caldwell has crafted a thoughtful and engaging story about learning to get along with others and friendship.

Recently during story time, the boys and I read this together along with Logan’s friend, Miss. M. While Logan completely disagreed with Kennedy’s friend, Zoe, with a lot of “nu-uh” and “no, we’re not,” Miss M. was all in agreement with Zoe that boys are in fact stinky and booger eaters.

However when Kennedy blurts out to her friend Zoe that not all boys are stinky because her friend Jacob isn’t, and that some girls eat boogers too, Logan immediately started laughing so hard he almost had an accident. “See, he said, boys aren’t the only gross ones, and girls can be gross too!”

Kennedy eventually figures out that it really is okay to play with boys at school along with the girls because they are ALL her friends.

I loved the subtle teaching moments in this story, along with the beautiful illustrations by Valerie Bouthyette. The text was very easy to read, so this would be great for beginning readers along with more experienced readers.

I’m so proud to add this book to our collection, and I’m looking forward to reading Demika Caldwell’s next book “It’s A Slumber Party: Starring Kennedy.”

You can purchase Demika Caldwell’s books through Amazon, createspace, or you also have the option to purchase an autographed copy through the author's website at demikacaldwell.com.
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