February 01, 2012

Do You Instagram?

Several friends of mine on Twitter have recently started following a daily photo challenge called Photo A Day. Started by Chantelle at fatmumslim, it has filled my Twitter timeline with tons of beautiful photos of everyday life. After watching as January came to a close, I decided I'd give it a shot this month.

What's one more thing on the to-do list, right?

Instagram is the preferred method of photo taking, editing and sharing. It's an iPhone app that has spread from the iPhone market across to the Android and even onto Blackberry. Take a look at the app here; by the way, it's free to download on iTunes!

I'm participating in this month's Photo A Day challenge and will share all of my pictures here with you on March 1st. Wanna join me? You can follow me on my Instagram stream by clicking that little button at the top.

Want to try her mini challenge instead? Check out her Day In Photos challenge!

Can't wait to see what you all come up with!

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