October 31, 2011

A Modern Mommy's Favorite Accessory

Most days you'll find me running from room to room, putting away laundry, wiping down counters or bookshelves, or doling out yet another snack. All day I carry my phone either in my back pocket or set it nearby. It's ALWAYS within reach, keeping me connected to friends and family. Text messages, Twitter, or Facebook have become my main means of communication, rather than the old fashioned telephone call; I hardly ever even make a phone call on my cell!

I've found over the last few weeks as we've been moving, I've become more and more dependent on the phone, rather than sitting at the computer to Google anything I'm looking for or need more information on.

Are you a Techno-Mommy? Are you addicted to the phone all day or do you have a scheduled time to "play" on yours?

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