August 29, 2011

An Introduction...

Over a year ago, one of my former high school classmates started a blog detailing her everyday life. I loved reading about her triumphs of being a stay at home mom to her four beautiful children. She writes about the everyday things in life: what’s for lunch, funny stories from her kids, the excitement as her kids try football and ice skating.

I told myself, “Wow, Courtney is an amazing Super Mom!”

I realized that after over 10 years of marriage and struggling to have children while furthering my career, maybe I wasn’t the best Super Mom I could be to my kids. Now, I’m not saying that a Super Mom HAS to stay home to be Super, but I realized that for me and my family, we needed to do something to make us a Super Family.
My oldest son, Logan (who was three at the time), came home one day from daycare, cussing and screaming like a banshee! Over an hour later after talking him down from his fit, Hubs and I discussed with him that the words he was using were inappropriate and his attitude needed a serious adjustment. We reminded him that he was the child and we were the parents. Through the course of the discussion, he told us that some of the other children in his daycare used those words all the time and that he could too. Not to say that the daycare allowed it, in fact these children were reprimanded each time it happened, but knowing how easily a young child can pick up on bad habits and behaviors was one of those defining moments for me.
After Caleb, my youngest, was born later that summer, the three of us were home together for a blissful three months until December when I returned to work. I was not a happy momma!  I severely disliked that I had made the decision to keep sending my boys to daycare instead of being home with them. I despised the rush every morning of getting both boys dressed and to daycare, the traffic I encountered every day in trying to get to work on time, and the disparaging looks on my co-workers faces when I needed to leave work to deal with a daycare issue.
I realized then that I loved being home with my babies and that I needed to do something about it.
So Hubs and I sat down one night and went over all of our income vs. expense stuff and found that after paying for daycare, gas for my car, quick fast-food type meals (because we always got home late) and other miscellaneous expenses, it was actually COSTING us for me to work. Crazy, right?
I quit my job in February and it's really TRULY the best decision I ever made. I didn't quit because of stress. I didn't quit because the personalities of some of my co-workers rubbed me the wrong way (okay maybe not SOME of them!). I quit because I didn't like the idea that my children spent over 80% of their waking hours in daycare. That made no sense to me.
So now I'm a stay at home mom to Logan, who is now four, and Caleb, who will be turning one next week, and I’m trying my hardest to raise them to become responsible, happy, well-adjusted young men. So does that make me a Super Mom?

I’m certainly working on it!


  1. Awesome story Stephanie! You made a hard decision and stuck to it. Looking forward to reading more!

  2. Hi Stepanie, I'm a new follower from Bako and I was browsing your blog. When I read this post, that is exactly how I feel right now. My daughter is 4 years old and all of a sudden she started saying bad words and I sit her down and tell her those words are bad, but she doesn't want to understand. So, yes, they get a lot of bad habbits from daycare. I'm also a working mom and I would love to be home with my child, but then again I think about our finances, mortgage, etc. and see that it's impossible. We are trying for our second child and I'm hoping to convince my mom to retire early, she's 60, and stay home w/ my kids and I will pay her what I would pay daycare. Which is close to what she currently earns. LOL! We'll see, once the 2nd one is on its way.


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